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+ chinook_wind: Deathball.net's Not Pr0n riddle

February 16th, 2005

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2005.0216.1538::"This is a complete waste of time!"
[ ]
A rundown of odd games that I've been playing when I should be crunching numbers.
  • Orisinal's games are simple, cute, and just on the good site of sweet without being cloyingly saccharine. High Delivery, Pocketful of Stars, and Bubble Bees are a few ones that I've enjoyed playing.
  • Underbones is a javascript&cookie-based site where you have to reassemble a skeleton. To find all the bones, you need to navigate throughout the site and solve various puzzles. One of the most technically adept uses of javascript I've seen, where it's not all just stupid rollover buttons.
  • Deathball.net's Not Pr0n riddle is a website puzzle which requires a world of esoteric knowledge, most of which is computer-based. I've only gotten to number 36 or so, but after a while it gets repetitive/boring.

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chinook_wind::2005.02.17.04:09 am::Deathball.net's Not Pr0n riddle
[User Picture]I hate you. With one bullet point you ate up my entire evening. I am going to have to see this through to the end, too.
thepeopleseason::2005.02.17.08:39 pm::Re: Deathball.net's Not Pr0n riddle
[User Picture]Sorry. The people who make it keep adding to it, so there's no end. On top of that, the "puzzles" get a bit stupid/annoyingly esoteric the further you go into it.
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