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January 6th, 2005

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2005.0106.1616::Wireless networking
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Why in the name of all that is techy and cool is there only one device on the market that you can use to connect a network of computers to an 802.11b Wireless LAN? This isn't bleeding edge anymore.

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ludditerobot::2005.01.06.09:24 pm
[User Picture]Now I want it. I don't have a wireless network, but K's birthday present was a promise to get a laptop with the tax refund, and certain wiring headaches will go away with 802.11b, so I want it.

It acts like a 10-100 switch locally, right?
thepeopleseason::2005.01.06.09:27 pm
[User Picture]It acts like a 10-100 switch locally, right?

Pretty much--take a look on dealnews.com and you'll often find wireless networking kits which include both Access Point and PCMCIA card in one package. The 802.11b kits are lately approaching somewhere around 70-80 dollars sometimes with rebates.
-anon-::2005.01.06.10:43 pm::WRT54G
Buy a Linksys WRT54G router and plug your LAN switch into the 4-port "inside" network switch with a crossover cable. Works just beautifully for me at home.

blanders not at cimedia.com
thepeopleseason::2005.01.07.12:08 am::Re: WRT54G
[User Picture]Yeah, I was thinking of getting the WET11, because it's 802.11b, and I'm stuck at B speeds anyways (I've got a B print server).
-anon-::2005.01.07.12:16 am::Re: WRT54G
True, but the WRT54G runs linux, and you can get all kinds of hacked-up firmware images that do neat stuff. I'm in the same boat at home, kinda (running b/g mixed mode) because my TiVo doesn't support anything but B.

thepeopleseason::2005.01.07.04:11 pm::Re: WRT54G
[User Picture]I just realized you could get a wired USB ethernet card for your TiVo and connect it to the WRT54G...

My network print server is both wired & wireless, and if I get the WRT54G, I can eventually upgrade to 802.11g and take advantage of the full speed...

thepeopleseason::2005.01.07.04:19 pm::Re: WRT54G
[User Picture]Wait a second, can the WRT54G serve as a wireless client to pass wireless traffic from one central router to another network?
kawaiiryuko::2005.01.07.04:01 pm
[User Picture]I wish I understood your complaint. What? ;) Use a wireless AP with a hub/switch attachment. Use a hub switch and put the uplink into the AP. Use a USB Wireless NIC.

What's the predicament?
thepeopleseason::2005.01.07.04:09 pm
[User Picture]I have an existing wireless AP (WAP). Said WAP is connected to four computers.

In another room, I have four devices that have the potential to be connected to the network (PS2, network print server, and two TiVos).

I would rather purchase one device, connect it to a hub, and connect the four devices to the hub than purchase four wireless NICs. Some D-Link WAPs will allow you to connect two separate networks, but you need two of them, and they both need to be in bridging mode, rather than Infrastructure mode (so my existing Access Point, a Linksys won't do).

The only devices with such capability on the market are the Linksys WET11 and WRT54G. I would think that with the meteoric rise in popularity of Wireless Networking, more companies would have products with this capability, and hence, the price point would be lower...
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