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January 2nd, 2005

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Having lived in Atlanta for some six and a half years or so, I've found it somewhat useful to subscribe to the Livejournal atlanta community. From said community, I've learned and passed on useful knowledge like the skinny on advanced voting in this most recent election.

Tonight, I found the following items:
  • "My fiance and I are looking for someone to perform a handfasting for us."

    Until I googled the word, I thought perhaps handfasting was something that you might consider doing for Lent. Of course, the church really frowns upon "handbinging." Hopefully, my pagan friends will please forgive my ignorance.

  • "Has anyone ever heard of Scout? Here in Atlanta.. are they legitimate?"

    If you could be more vague, that would be quite helpful.

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flattop::2005.01.09.11:49 pm
[User Picture]When I read the thing about Scout, I giggled to myself because, well, you know why. But then I got this email:

Dear John, (yes, every letter I get is a "Dear John" letter)

I have recently viewed your resume online. I am with Scout, a recognized leader in the entertainment industry. We provide actors, models, and musicians with a vehicle to get them started in the entertainment industry.

We are currently seeking a Regional Manager to oversee a team of Independent Affiliate owners. I believe you may have the qualifications necessary for the position.

We offer a competitive salary, attractive incentive package, fortune 500 quality benefits package, and rapid advancement opportunity.

To learn more and apply for the position please visit our website at

Click on the ""Careers"" tab and select the "Regional Manager" position.

Billie Watkins
Director of Human Resources

I'm pretty sure its crap generated from I haven't looked into it because I don't care that much.
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