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December 16th, 2004

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2004.1216.1313::Free Tivo and Help me clean my Netflix queue: Poll 3
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Anyone reading this live in the Bay Area? If you're a Comcast customer, TiVo is giving away TiVos in exchange for a charity gift donation between 11am and 1pm at their corporate headquarters.

And as previously described, here's the next 90 movies in my queue. Choose one movie from each grouping. If you think a movie is a particular stinker, throw it in the comments. If you don't have an Livejournal account to vote with, throw it in the comments.

You guys are probably getting sick of this, unless you get some voyeuristic pleasure at looking at the kinds of movies I'd rent. You're out of luck there, because Netflix stopped carrying The Erotic Witch Project years ago. Plus, I have internet.

Only one more after this...

Choose a Movie:

Choose a Movie:


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ludditerobot::2004.12.16.10:39 am
[User Picture]Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer doesn't work nearly as well on the tv screen as it does on the big screen. For me, it isn't worth it unless it's large.
flattop::2004.12.16.08:35 pm
[User Picture]You have a lot of stuff on this list I haven't seen, but I'm throwing my two cents in anyway.
I really liked A Life Less Ordinary. Streetcar is a classic for a reason and Driving Miss Daisy is fun because you get to try and pick out all the locations.
Every time I see Hudson Hawk it gets better. Just don't take it straight up.
U-Turn is a visual treat. See it on the biggest screen you can. I've actually seen that Insomnia. Good stuff. Get it.
I hate addict movies. I just want everybody to OD and get it over with. Drugstore Cowboy is no different. Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid is original, well done, and funny to boot. You have to see The Doors just to watch Val Kilmer. He nails it. As far as Lolita goes, the Stanley Kubrick version is a requirement. Sue Lyon. Mmmmm. Peter Sellers is a gem.
I think the DVD of the Adrian Lyne version has my friend Brett's gas station scene on it. If you see it, lemme know.
I can't recommend Heavy Metal enough. Its kind of weird and dorky, but in a good way. Stay far, far away from Barry Lyndon. I love me some Kubrick but that movie just plain sucked.
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