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December 15th, 2004

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2004.1215.1746::Wishes and song lyrics
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Birthday wishes to aviationwolf. Don't let that lung infection get you down.

And the answers to the lyrics thing:
  1. Keep knocking back the whiskey sours
    "A Masters in Reverse Psychology" - Murder by Death
  2. I feel good all over. Wear your inside out.
    "Shh" - Frou Frou
  3. And I'm not containing my pleasure at being so wet.
    "But Not Tonight" - Scott Weiland
  4. Ran into some trouble that turned into a struggle halfway across Alabam'
    "Promised Land" - Elvis Presley (hradzka)
  5. Sometimes you picture me--I'm walking too far ahead.
    "Time After Time" - Eva Cassidy
  6. I know in darkness I will find you giving up inside, like me.
    "Further" - VNV Nation
  7. Do you know how many times I stared at clouds thinking that I saw you there?
    "Beloved" - VNV Nation
  8. Someone I am is waiting for my courage.
    "Let Me Fall" - Josh Groban
  9. On the telephone, and there's never no answer.
    "Look to the Sky" - System S.F. Featuring Anna
  10. Would it be a sin if I...
    "Can't Help Falling in Love" - Elvis Presley
  11. Along came Jim Dandy, and they snuck right out the door
    "Little Sister" - Elvis Presley (capn_ken)
  12. If love is surrender, then whose war is it anyway?
    "Psychobabble" - Frou Frou
  13. My defenses are down, a kiss or a frown.
    "Send Me An Angel" - Real Life
  14. When all of my clothes feel like somebody's old throwaways
    "It's Good To Be In Love" - Frou Frou
  15. Never really knowing it was always mesh and lace
    "I'll Melt With You" - Mest
  16. I think that tonight I will sneak into your house and I'll sing songs and wake you up
    "Blindfolded" - Saves the Day
  17. You can do most anything as long as it's exactly how I say
    "Promises" - Face to Face
  18. Darning his socks in the night
    "Eleanor Rigby" - The Beatles (smooochy)
  19. Study your body when you walk out of the room
    "Sexual (Li Da Di)" - Amber
  20. And I wish you the best, but I could do without it
    "Worn Me Down" - Rachael Yamagata
  21. I bare my heart for all to see with my face turned to the sun
    "Standing" - VNV Nation
  22. Love underwhelms you, no box of chocolates whichever way you fall
    "The Dumbing Down of Love" - Frou Frou
  23. Somehow or another the whole darn thing went wrong
    "Only the Strong Survive" - Elvis Presley
  24. I wish I was a ruler who'd make them understand. Never. Never say Never.
    "Running Three" - Tom Twyker
  25. I can smell their flesh on everything left in this room.
    "Killbot2000" - Murder by Death
  26. I wear this chaos well
    "Genesis" - VNV Nation
  27. Just don't let a good thing die.
    "Suspicious Minds" - Elvis Presley
  28. Except, of course, the subject that was just under discussion.
    "Queen of the Crime Council" - Lucy Liu
  29. Like a game of pick-up sticks, played by fucking lunatics.
    "Show Me Love" - t.A.T.u

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