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December 8th, 2004

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2004.1208.1122::The Angels
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Since I'm taking the time to upgrade my current work machine (a sub-500 MHz machine, no less) from RedHat 7.3 to Fedora 2, I figured while waiting on the machine to quit thrashing and start the damn install I could drop an update.

Los Angeles is a neat place to visit, but aside from the tourist traps, it's not really all that pretty. For the most part, driving around Los Angeles, even during non-rush-hour hours, approaches the most infuriating kind of Sisyphean Hell. Los Angeles has all of the bad traffic of the New York area without the benefits of a far-reaching rapid transit system.

As far as neat things in LA:
  • The Getty Museum is way, way cool. Now I've been to the Louvre, the Musee d'Orsay, and a bunch of other museums, but my architectural tastes tend toward the modern, so this campus of buildings was just as interesting as the art it housed.
  • Took the WB Studio Tour, and walked around the inside of the Dragonfly Inn. I even touched Sookie's kitchen phone. I thought briefly of stealing one of the pictures of Davey that were in magnet frames on the fridge, but I'm too much a niceboy.

    No Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, or Scott Patterson sightings, although our tour guide did bring us around the left (mostly-unseen, not the same wall as Doose's) side of Luke's Diner. He mentioned that they might have been filming scenes inside, and I made the crass move of pointing at the window, so if you see some idiotic Chinese guy through the wooden blind slats pointing during an episode, that's me.

    I'm disappointed I didn't get to dress up as Santa, but hey, that was a fucking pipe dream anyways.
  • Saw Jason Priestly at the Farmers Market with what I assume was his exceedingly hot girlfriend/spouse/lover.
  • Saw Ty from Trading Spaces get on my flight back to Atlanta. I would learn later that the man lives in Grant Park and is a frequenter of 97 Astoria where my buddy Blake is a bartender.
  • Also on my flight, Linda Blair, looking shorter than I imagined. Luckily, Captain Howdy didn't make an appearance, so no spontaneous crucifix-wankery.

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murielle::2004.12.08.11:46 am
[User Picture]Sounds like you had a nice L.A. experience. Yay!

Don't see too much of Ty on Trading Spaces since he started Extreme Makeover. The new guy is cute, but he's no Ty. ::whimpers::

Glad Captain Howdy decided not to get on with LB. ;-)
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