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November 17th, 2004

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2004.1117.2338::Dear American Public:
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Please get over your puritanical selves. I didn't see you bat an eyelash over Bob Dole and his matter-of-fact admission of erectile dysfunction whilst strolling along a sandy beach, so why must you be so up in arms about the implication of nudity and sex?

Come on, this is a damned football game, where the most people in a post-high-school mentality probably assume the word "cheerleader" follows the words "and the quarterback is nailing the," with the possible inclusion of some hyperbolic adjective and/or pluralization.

Just this past January, one of the biggest advertisers for the biggest game of the year used the words "erections lasting longer than four hours." I guess accompanying those words with a picture of Mike Ditka tossing a football through a tire is just way too subtle for your "I must see bare skin to think of sex" mind.

Honestly, quit calling the FCC about every silly suggestive thing you see on television. All you're really doing is giving Michael Powell the swelled-head impression that he's to be the ultimate arbiter of taste and propriety in the U.S. The last thing we need in this or any other culture is a single person or entity dictating what is good and not good, be it a pretentious art critic or a reactionary body of lawmakers who think it's a good idea to legally force consumers to watch commercials.

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nuwanda::2004.11.18.12:26 am
[User Picture]preach on, brother James.
kellinator::2004.11.18.08:39 am
[User Picture]Personally, I think it's all about white racist pigs feeling threatened.
thepeopleseason::2004.11.18.08:53 am
[User Picture]Honestly, I had the exact same suspicions. I would venture to say that a majority of the complaints were a result of people who can't really stomach seeing the blonde Nicolette Sheridan all "bust-up-that-chiffarobe" with Terrell Owens.
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