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November 7th, 2004

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2004.1107.0251::Maybe in the colon. We don't know...
Stacey, a friend from high school who graduated with a postgrad degree in sports psychology, once told me that, according to a study performed at either the University of Florida or Duke (can't quite remember), the highs that some people experience when partaking of sports fandom can surpass the exuberance they feel when having sex.

Now imagine that same feeling, turned inside out. During my college tenure, I attended just two Gator games where the team lost. Both at those games, and after I stopped attending because of distance or duty, whenever I experienced a Gator loss I would sink into a pit of disheartened dejection which would sometimes last up to a week.

I had to stop watching Gator games, because aside from an inane superstition that my watching the team play was in some way jinxing their efforts, I would get far too emotionally vested in the bad outcomes to really function well following a loss.

After getting smoted by the Weaufx Gawds last Tuesday evening/Wednesday morning, I was in a veritable funk--I was awash in the same feelings of powerlessness and "maybe I dreamed this whole thing" that I had after shitty games, but this time, an overwhelming dread and apprehension accompanied it.

This morning, however, I saw this post in metaquotes. And it warmed, in the words of Denis Leary, "the cockles of [my heart]...maybe below the cockles, maybe in the sub-cockle area." While the author of the original post may live in Canada, hearing about something like that lets me forget for a moment about all the bitter cynicism that I've built up especially in light of how the election turned out.

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