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January 1st, 2003

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2003.0101.0614::Ill Poker
[ ]
Poker went pretty well.

I woke up around 9:15 or so from the restless, metaphoric sleep which always accompanies illnesses. I remember when I was taking Linear Algebra my senior year of High School, I got really ill, and tossed and turned all night feeling boxed (as in, for those of you who know Linear Algebra, [James]). Today, I just felt a bit like an medieval Army marching to war, with miniature lances and halberds, raised high, lacerating my mouth and causing me to drool.

Hey, don't ask me what it means, it's the strange hypnogogic ramblings which always permeate my sickness-infused slumber.

But, as I was saying... I woke up around 9:15, played Chess and Pachisi on the computer for a bit, and then got up to get ready for New Year's Eve Poker. For some reason this took me a bit less than two hours, because I ended up leaving for DuPree's at 11:00. I actually made a circuit of my place and the SaveRite parking lot after realizing that, in my rush to gather everyone's Christmas presents, I left my poker money on the kitchen counter. Once I got there, I gave everything I could out. Keely wasn't there, so I'll have to come out Friday or Saturday to get her gift to her, and I'm not sure when I'll catch up with Team Boobie.

For the most part, my sore throat didn't bother me (maybe this is because my throat is always kinda sore in the smoky confines of DuPree's).

One of the first hands we played was Jacks or better, Trips to win. I had kings and fives plus a ten kicker. I traded in the ten to (amazingly) pull out a fives full boat and got the pot from Tony, who had pat trip aces.

Bill dealt some five-card stud, and I had ace in the hole, king showing. Everyone else was showing relatively low cards, except for Bill who had a queen showing. I was the first to bet, and quickly bet the limit (two dollars), and the only person to call was Bill with his queen. I figured him for a pair of queens. From there, we would check/bet/call our way to fourth street, where I paired up on aces. Thanks to Doyle Brunson's Super/System for the tip on how to bet an Ace in five stud.

I won a Screwy Louie hand going low with a pair of Aces. Of course, it was AA234, and I had scared the other lows out.

Don't try to push too hard if you flop trips in Omaha. There's just too many possibilities of losing to a simple straight or flush. On one hand, I turned Alabama Night Riders (trip kings), played too loosely and too aggressively, and lost.

On my last hand, we played Screwy Louie and the first round of betting and card pass resulted in just three players: Tony, batnandu, and I. As we revealed our cards, it became readily apparent that the three of us were all going low.
So when it came time to declare, we all went high because of the relative un-lowness of our high cards (Tony had an 8543A, I had an 8654A, and Nandu juked us with a T643A). Ridiculous, but quite entertaining hand.

So I'm up anywhere from 30-40 dollars, which is a fairly good day for me. At one point, I was down about 26 or so, but caught a couple of lucky breaks.

Happy New Year, to everyone.
Current Mood: [mood icon] tired

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