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September 6th, 2004

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2004.0906.2312::Dragon Wrapup
[ ]
Like my old car, I'm totalled. After coming home from cleaning up the Buffy Track room and helping aviationwolf and everyone else squared away for whatever transit they needed for their long trips home, I got home and did a horrendous pile of dishes and laundry that I've needed to do for days. So I'll just put everything in lists:

A few Con Highlights:
  1. Learning that the proper response to "Whatcha got under that kilt?" is not, according to Nathan Fillion, "Not as much as I would like," as a fan answered, but "Your mother's lipstick."
  2. Joining in on the bird war between Nathan Fillion and Jewel Staite.
  3. Holding Julie Benz's lunch for her for a moment when I walked her (and her husband, John Kassir [dammit!]) from the Buffy Track room to the Walk of Fame.
  4. Delivering a drink to Matt, Jewel Staite's husband [dammit!] right after we sang him "Happy Birthday."
  5. Joining a drunk Matt in an impromptu karaoke rendition of the first few verses of "The Gambler" not five minutes later.
  6. Of particular amusement: seeing an old friend's ex-husband, who only after I'd taken a picture of him and his date for the Buffy Prom (who just happens to be the roommate of my DragonCon Boss) and had a few moments of conversation, recognized me as the man he believes slept with his ex-wife (I did not).
  7. Thinking how much this picture would amuse/infuriate hradzka.

The Booty rundown:
  1. Signed Pictures:
    • To James: ♥ Jewel Staite
    • James - Shoot First. Nathan Fillion
    • James - my darling boy... Bite Me! ♥ Julie Benz
    • From "The Hero of Canton," Adam Baldwin "Jayne."

  2. Signed Firefly DVD set: "James - Stay Shiny, Nathan Fillion" and "To James, ♥ Jewel Staite"
  3. Battle Royale Special Edition Director's Cut.
  4. Studio Ghibli Complete Collection which includes:
    • Grave of the Fireflies
    • Laputa: Castle in the Sky
    • My Neighbor Totoro
    • Kiki's Delivery Service
    • Porco Rosso
    • Princess Mononoke
    • Spirited Away
    • On Your Mark
    • Nausicaa of The Valley of The Wind
    • Only Yesterday
    • Ocean Waves
    • Pom Poko
    • Whisper of The Heart
    • The Cat Returns
      [holy shit! all that in a box for only $60??] yep...

  5. Tsui Hark's The Legend of Zu
  6. Numerous crappy digital photos at the Con.
  7. A $35 imitation Japanese sword with a metal dragon hilt with tsuba-wing design. I believe it might be a Last Samurai replica, but hey, it was 35 dollars, and it completed my Crazy 88 outfit (I have no pictures of me as a Crazy 88--If you happen to find DragonCon pics of a Crazy 88, let me know if he's Asian, 'cause as far as I know, I was the only Asian 88 there).

Yeah, now I'm tired. Sleepytime.

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hradzka::2004.09.06.08:49 pm
[User Picture]I must now kill you.

thepeopleseason::2004.09.06.08:54 pm
[User Picture]Yeah, well. Imagine the way my heart sank when the lovely Ms. Benz gets a call in the middle of a panel and says "Oh, it's my husband," followed by the "Everybody say happy birthday to my husband" that Jewel State offered during a panel.

(no subject) - (Anonymous)
thepeopleseason::2004.09.07.07:22 am
[User Picture]I must now kill you.
(no subject) - (Anonymous)
thepeopleseason::2004.09.07.10:51 am
[User Picture]That damnable lemur. Where does he get such wonderful toys?

Your icon induces spit-takes.

aviationwolf::2004.09.07.05:30 am
Yes, thanks for the help.

Later we managed to cram all of that stuff into my car. It was somewhat amusing.

Also, you should have stayed for the Dead Dragon....turns out it was a sit down dinner with highly amusing Dragoncontv shorts and pictures from con while you ate.

The flip off contest was featured.

thepeopleseason::2004.09.07.10:52 am
[User Picture]You mean everything that was in the van got into your Rav4?? Wow.
aviationwolf::2004.09.07.03:54 pm
Yes...I am the mistress of packing
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