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August 30th, 2004

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2004.0830.1036::One of the perils of college football fandom...
Had the following IM exchange this morning:
[10:17] Cap'n Ken: Nice ride. I like the MIssissippi State colors
[10:17] thepeopleseason: Step off.
[10:17] tmhsiao: :)
[10:17] Cap'n Ken: :-)
[10:18] tmhsiao: Think of it this way, would you ever drive a Bright yellow and bright purple car?
[10:18] Cap'n Ken: I'd drive a yellow car with tasteful purple accents
[10:18] tmhsiao: lol
[10:19] tmhsiao: somehow, I don't ever see a car bright yellow with tasteful purple accents ever existing.
[10:19] tmhsiao: Now, I love the Gators, but honestly, Orange and Blue is a pretty distasteful color combination.
[10:21] Cap'n Ken: Especially on the people who tend to wear it
[10:21] Cap'n Ken: Not as bad as some orange, though
[10:21] tmhsiao: Just hanging around the tailgate field on game day will show you some pretty hideous people wearing orange and blue camo pants.
[10:21] tmhsiao: indeed.
[10:21] tmhsiao: at least it's not that pale crap orange...
[10:21] Cap'n Ken: and you're off base on the purple/gold car thing
[10:21] Cap'n Ken:
[10:21] tmhsiao: ROFL
[10:24] tmhsiao: I remember I had two pieces of clothing--an orange shirt, and a red&black sweater that people got on my case about the Tenn and UGA implications.
[10:24] tmhsiao: I stopped wearing the orange shirt.
[10:25] Cap'n Ken: yeah, you have to be careful about that ... although it's usually chicks who mistakenly wear other team colors
[10:25] tmhsiao: sheesh. It's just a sweater.
[10:25] tmhsiao: at least there's no danger of wearing yellow and purple.
[10:25] tmhsiao: although, I *am* yellow. so I just got to avoid purple.
[10:26] Cap'n Ken: good point
[10:26] Cap'n Ken: No luck coming up with the LSU tiger-striped Cadillac that's famous in Baton Rouge
[10:26] tmhsiao:
[10:28] Cap'n Ken: nice

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