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August 25th, 2004

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2004.0825.2205::That new car smell
[ ]
On monday, I asked y'all what you thought was the ugliest car on the road today. xopherg may have been prescient enough to come up with the following answer:
aha! trick question.

its the one being driven by you.
So I did buy a new car tonight, and while it was none of the ones specified in the answer to my query, some may very well award it the ugliest car on the road. Personally, I think it has some stylistic charm.

I'll leave you to guess what it is, with the following hint: my new car is not unlike the Tardis, in size, in shape, and in that the outside dimensions belie a cavernous inside.

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dixiebelle::2004.08.25.07:40 pm
[User Picture]I know! I know!
thepeopleseason::2004.08.25.08:57 pm
[User Picture]Shh! :)

-anon-::2004.08.25.09:02 pm::Is it a rock'em sock'em car?
I desperately hope it isn't a Scion, unless you have one with the whirling chain o' death attached.
thepeopleseason::2004.08.26.10:49 am::Re: Is it a rock'em sock'em car?
[User Picture]Hrmm...too bad. I didn't actually see the "Whirling Chain O' Death" option on the website...
-anon-::2004.08.27.01:30 pm::Re: Is it a rock'em sock'em car?
You should have looked at the Monster Garage web site, then. ;)
thepeopleseason::2004.08.27.01:36 pm::Re: Is it a rock'em sock'em car?
[User Picture]Whoa. The whirling chain o' death sounds to me to be a lot cooler than a big pole with a boxing glove on the end...
-anon-::2004.08.27.06:47 pm::Re: Is it a rock'em sock'em car?
Yeah. They cool team had to turn off the chain. The producer/dick decided it was too dangerous. They still won, thanks to the clever "hey, let's mount the head on a spring" trick.
xopherg::2004.08.26.12:01 am
[User Picture]oh god. not the honda element.
thepeopleseason::2004.08.26.08:11 am
[User Picture]You're right.

It's not the Honda Element.
kawaiiryuko::2004.08.26.09:14 am
[User Picture]Matrix?
thepeopleseason::2004.08.26.10:50 am
[User Picture]Close. I was looking at the Matrix, but I think I got more value for my money from... (see below).
-anon-::2004.08.26.10:25 am
Scion xB.

- Mark
thepeopleseason::2004.08.26.10:52 am
[User Picture]Exactly. Of course, I have a feeling you had a second source for this info...
-anon-::2004.09.01.09:30 pm
Actually, I completely guessed without any fraternal help.

- Mark
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