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August 11th, 2004

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2004.0811.1157::Suddenly o'ertaken
[ ]
I am suddenly overwhelmed with the desire to go back to Paris.

Or Las Vegas.

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aviationwolf::2004.08.11.09:12 am
take me with you
thepeopleseason::2004.08.11.09:18 am
[User Picture]Problem being--I'm not actually going...
aviationwolf::2004.08.11.09:19 am
unhappy now
nuwanda::2004.08.11.01:02 pm
[User Picture]that's normal.

how much does it cost to go to paris these days?

thepeopleseason::2004.08.11.01:45 pm
[User Picture]The latest Travelzoo newsletter said 400 dollars.

Of course, with most of those deals, you have to fly from Wichita or something.
khubli::2004.08.11.03:44 pm
[User Picture]ain't nothing wrong with witchita.
khubli::2004.08.11.03:48 pm
[User Picture]what about biloxi in october.. late.... las vegas over labor day weekend.. I toyed with the idea. one of the card players is having his bachelor party there. I think it's best that I stay in Atlanta.. ** i like to ramble ** ** i don't like capital letters **

my burning desire is for warm sandy beaches where women roam freely clad in nothing but coconut shells, monkeys serve you drinks while dangling by their tails on an overhead branch. pixie sticks grow out of the ground. paisley tigers swim with the dolphins. dolphins spit skittles.

calgon take me away.
game over.
where is the fricken reset button.
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