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August 10th, 2004

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2004.0810.1521::Remember the Alamo
[ ]
Had quite an extended weekend.

On Friday, I left straight from work to drive down to Newnan, where Amy, Runa, Yvonne, and tiiguy held the grand opening of their latest endeavor--Alamo Jacks, a new restaurant/bar located right on Newnan square. I stayed there from about 5:45 until 1:30 AM, with the occasional foray out to pick up Bloody Mary Mix and ice when the ice-maker failed to keep up with demand. All told, I think they estimate about 1000 people came through the doors, and they ran through up to six times the amount of beer and liquor supply of a good night at DuPree's. When I finally got out of there, my feet were killing me, my neck a bit sore from craning it about looking at the pretty young things, and I was in moderate danger of keeling over into the steering wheel during the 45 minute drive home (I would make it home, awake, aware and well).

The Brother flew in Saturday morning, and we spent the weekend hanging out. Got a great deal of food, and spent some time with his friends from Boynton Beach, Mark and Theresa. On Monday, we hit Ria's for a short stack of buttermilk pancakes with carmelized bananas, and then hit stores until lunch at Udipi. After I dropped him off at the airport, I milled about at home until it was poker time.

At the Alamo on Friday, I finally convinced Patty to join me at poker, so I met her at the game. I played tightly for the first few hands, taking down a couple of small pots before dealer's choice rolled around the first time. I made a lot of money when I hit a wheel playing 7 Stud 8/b, and dropped a bit when I hit threes full to someone else's fours full playing the same game (I had 8733AA, so I had a fair chance at a low and a high, and I was getting good pot odds on the draw).

On the final hand of my night, I played a high hand--(KJ)T, catching another King on fifth street. With a Queen on sixth, we ran out of cards, so we had to go into the mucks for remaining cards. I had noticed that Patty folded her Ace of clubs right after the deal, and there were two aces already out there. I didn't really put anyone on anything more than two pair, however. After the dealer shuffled the mucks, and dealt me the card from the top, I looked, and lo and behold, Patty's folded Ace of clubs stared back at me.

All told, less tips to the dealer, I nearly tripled my money (I did give some to Patty to play with, but I'm going let her keep that, especially since she gave me that final Ace).

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khubli::2004.08.11.07:46 am
[User Picture]Stud 8/b better rocks my world much more than 2 paisley tigers licking charms blow-pops but not quite as much as a good hand of declare.

6 spades over
thepeopleseason::2004.08.11.08:09 am
[User Picture]I have no idea what that means.
khubli::2004.08.11.08:38 am
[User Picture]nor do 1
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