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+ atlantaguy: One player one hand.

July 30th, 2004

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2004.0730.1613::Answers to the lyrics meme...
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Played at the Madison Grill on Wednesday with flattop. He played the first round and built a pretty impressive stack, but got blinded out playing too conservatively when they got higher. I had to play at a table with three apparent fish, who were just way too annoying for words. Folding out of turn, questions like "What do I have to put in?" weren't the half of it. The drunk guy who eventually won the table played AKh on a three-hearted flop and had to rely on a large entourage to advise him to go all-in after my opponent bet. Play your own damn cards, guy. If you need someone else to tell you what to do, you should go back to the training table.

My back is somehow killing me. Not sure what exactly I did to it (probably slept awkwardly on a pillow), but it just suddenly started smarting. I suppose slouching in front of the computer screen all day and at a poker table all night doesn't help.

  1. "I know your plans don't include me."
    "We've Got Tonight" Bob Seger ludditerobot
  2. "Held your hand and watched TV, and traced the little lines along your palm."
    "Chesterfield King" Jawbreaker
  3. "One child, insecure, displays the confidence he doesn't own"
    "The Bridge" Samiam
  4. "The farmer digs a hole and fills it in with boiling oil."
    "Orangeworker" For Squirrels
  5. "Never lose my hair, I would hate to go without."
    "Hope I Never Lose My Wallet" Mighty Mighty Bosstones
  6. "It doesn't matter if it's real or not, 'cause some things are better left without a doubt."
    "The Science of Myth" Screeching Weasel
  7. "Say a prayer in the darkness for the magic to come."
    "Tonight is What It Means to Be Young" Fire, Inc. (off of the Streets of Fire Soundtrack)
  8. "Your bones have been my bedframe."
    "Both Hands" Ani DiFranco hradzka
  9. "Time's so near you can almost taste the freedom."
    "Anybody Listening?" Queensryche
  10. "She thinks I oughta get a job, quit taking space up on her couch."
    "Veronica Hates Me" Screeching Weasel
  11. "I see Orion and say nothing"
    "Untouchable Face" Ani DiFranco hradzka
  12. "You're not ripping out stitches."
    "Alone" Lisa Loeb
  13. "Teenage girl with ketchup, too."
    "I Like Food" The Descendents ludditerobot
  14. "I did the dishes while you read out loud."
    "Ashtray Monument" Jawbreaker
  15. "So many songs we forgot to play"
    "Forever Young" Alphaville
  16. "Yeah, I'm so strung out."
    "Blister In The Sun" Violent Femmes ludditerobot
  17. "So many lifetimes, you've been waiting for it."
    "Rolling Thunder" a-ha
  18. "With your school suitcase tomorrow--well, you don't know."
    "Everything's Different Now" The Innocence Mission
  19. "You know we couldn't turn around and face that we had left behind."
    "Tell Me" White Lion
  20. "Heard a voice in the dark, and I knew it was you."
    "Where D'ya Go" Samiam

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atlantaguy::2004.08.04.10:59 am::One player one hand.
They need to take a more aggressive stance in banning this advice from friends crap that's becoming all-too frequent in these promotional games.
thepeopleseason::2004.08.04.11:01 am::Re: One player one hand.
[User Picture]Yeah, the entire table was a circus, so I was a bit too annoyed to really say anything then. The next time I hit the game I'll probably mention it.

khubli::2004.08.05.12:20 pm::Re: One player one hand.
[User Picture]not to be a royal pain in the ass.. but these tournaments are free... the house is not going to do anything but promote house sales during the tournament.. I'm not saying that you should have more than 1-player to a hand in any tournament, but the house will not likely address the situation other than make an announcement I imagine. Drunk is how the house wants em...
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