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July 8th, 2004

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2004.0708.1522::Hold'em at the Madison Grill
[ ]
I've been finding a lot of poker around town lately.

Aside from the regular games that I've been known to frequent, a few entries ago, I attended the Texas Hold'em tournament at Jocks and Jills Midtown location. Last week I met up with the GLOML who was visiting town and staying with Alex and Elena. When I mentioned poker to them, Alex told me that the restaurant in the building where he works, the Madison Grill, holds poker tournaments on Wednesdays, and invited me to join in.

Last night I got off of work at about 5:30 and rushed over to the restaurant. Unlike the Jocks and Jills tournament which has at least eight tables of eight each with the ability to expand, they only have seven tables of seven players each--they hold two rounds the first with three tables, the second with four tables, then the final seven table winners play for the prizes.

Like Jocks and Jills, the game is free. Madison Grill, however, doesn't insist that you make a minimum drink purchase to win anything, as far as I know.

You get 65 dollars in chips, the first blinds being 1-2 and doubling every fifteen minutes.

I played extremely tightly starting out, folding low-kicked aces and rags throughout. Most of the players at the table were playing just any cards, seeing flops and turns and rivers with rag hands. I managed to suck out on Alex when the flop hit his two pair (aces and nines), but also gave me four to a flush which hit on the river. He played solidly, however, for the rest of the time--he managed to knock me out right before head's up. I tried signing up for the second round, but the second round games are reserved for players who didn't play the first round.

All in all, a decent enough tournament. It's nice to see poker becoming more and more popular (although I could do without the fishy suckouts). I'm planning on returning at some point, if only to get together with Alex and play a little for free...

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murielle::2004.07.10.04:57 pm
[User Picture]This is like a godsend to me! I've got to put card playing in a ficathon fic I'm writing and I don't play cards. Well, I have, but not seriously, when I was a kid. I'm figuring that the men in the fic will have played, a lot, for a lot, many times--be experts even!

May I turn to you for technical advice?
thepeopleseason::2004.07.10.09:45 pm
[User Picture]Of course. You can send me e-mail at my username at yahoo.com.
murielle::2004.07.10.11:34 pm
[User Picture]Thank you! I will take you up on it. Know anything about Hearts?
thepeopleseason::2004.07.11.09:26 am
[User Picture]I'm a fair Hearts player--what did you want to know?

murielle::2004.07.12.01:25 pm
[User Picture]I've changed my mind again--Women!--and have decided to have them play 21, or is it called Black Jack? Anyway, that seemed the simplist, if I remember correctly. I may need some help with the jargon. I'll email you, okay? Thanks.
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