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July 7th, 2004

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2004.0707.1139::Interest Meme
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From ludditerobot: Based on the lj interests lists of those who share my more unusual interests, the interests suggestion meme thinks I might be interested in [with editorial comments]

  1. lord of the rings score: 15 [ Like ludditerobot, I've read the books, seen the movies. I enjoyed both, but personally, they're not the basis for imagining short people giving long-haired blonde elves a good rogering. Maybe that's just me. ]
  2. poetry score: 14 [ Yeah, I've written poetry, but it's mostly crap. ]
  3. the simpsons score: 13 [ I actually haven't watched as many Simpsons episodes as my quote-addled brain would lead others to believe. It's just another addiction that I really shouldn't pick up. ]
  4. death score: 12 [ Sorry, gave up on being interested in death in high school. Oh, you mean, Death, the pixyish, elfin goth from Sandman? I have a couple of T-shirts. ]
  5. art score: 12 [ Let's make that as broad an interest as possible, why don't we? ]
  6. radiohead score: 12 [ I don't have a single full-length album, but I hear enough of them on the jukebox at DuPree's The Independent. ]
  7. coldplay score: 12 [ Eh. ]
  8. monty python score: 11 [ What self-respecting geek can't quote Holy Grail with the best of them? Of course, I tend to refrain from doing so, because I've even more self-respect than that. ]
  9. johnny depp score: 10 [ You know, he is pretty dreamy. ]
  10. guitar score: 10 [ The sounds from my guitar sound like the wretched groans of students after a teacher has drawn chalk at the wrong angle across a blackboard. I've played once in public--at the grand opening of Yesterday and Today Records Gainesville, and luckily for everyone involved, I mistakenly had turned the volume knob on the guitar all the way to zero. ]
  11. singing score: 10 [ In my car? Fine. In public? Uhh... ]
  12. the beatles score: 9 [ I love the Beatles, but I'm more an Elvis man. ]
  13. family guy score: 9 [ See above re: the Simpsons. ]
  14. politics score: 8 [ I used to be about as apolitical as you could get. Now I'm intersted, but not enough to put it on my profile. ]
  15. pirates score: 8 [ Umm, ok. ]
  16. u2 score: 8 [ Not my favorite; I do like the occasional song, but mostly on the no side for me... ]
  17. piano score: 8 [ That's weird. ]
  18. photography score: 8 [ Yes, but I'm too cheap to buy a decent camera. ]
  19. nirvana score: 8 [ Not really. Overrated, IMO ]
  20. rain score: 8 [ Is this a band or is this just the concept of water falling from the sky? Either way, I don't get it. ]

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I guess this list might have been more interesting if more people listed the interests that I share with no one or one other person:
24-hour revenge therapy, big slick, burrito bros. taco co., chen-style tai chi, free radio gainesville, jon resh, maybe it was utah, pastacore, rock concert movement

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