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+ : Atlanta Directions
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June 28th, 2004

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2004.0628.1712::Living in Atlanta
[ ]
Since very seldom go into the area that I'm visiting tonight, I thought it prudent to look up the address and get some driving directions.

Here are the first 11 steps to the 13-step directions from my house to where I'm going:
  1. Start at 955 Juniper ST NE, Atlanta on Juniper ST NE - go < 0.1 mi
  2. Turn Right on Peachtree PL NE - go 0.1 mi
  3. Turn Right on Peachtree ST NE - go 1.0 mi
  4. Continue on Peachtree ST NE/W Peachtree ST NW - go 0.1 mi
  5. Continue on Peachtree ST NE/Peachtree ST NW/W Peachtree ST NW - go < 0.1 mi
  6. Bear Left on Peachtree ST NE/Peachtree ST NW - go 0.2 mi
  7. Continue on Peachtree RD NW/Peachtree ST NE - go < 0.1 mi
  8. Continue on Peachtree RD NE/Peachtree RD NW/Peachtree ST NE/Peachtree ST NW - go 1.5 mi
  9. Peachtree RD NE/Peachtree RD NW/Peachtree ST NE/Peachtree ST NW becomes Peachtree RD NE/Peachtree RD NW - go 1.6 mi
  10. Continue on Roswell RD NE/Roswell RD NW - go 1.1 mi
  11. Continue on Roswell RD NE - go 3.2 mi

The sad thing being that out of all the street names listed, they only amount to about four actual distinct roadways on the path that I'm travelling. Of the instructions listed, I only actually have to follow two turns to get to my destination.

I'll say one thing--this city has "character"...

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-anon-::2004.06.28.06:20 pm::Atlanta Directions
No driving directions for Atlanta are complete without the following sentences:

1) "Go down Peachtree..."

2) "When you see the Waffle House..."

3) "Ok, you know the big {chicken, fish}..."

khubli::2004.06.29.07:15 am::city with character..
[User Picture]It did me well to see you out getting in there with the best of them. I saw your chip stack grow grow grow. I was happy, then someone chipped away at it and I frowned. I'm glad you finised up a bit.

talk to you later..
thepeopleseason::2004.06.29.08:04 am::Re: city with character..
[User Picture]Yeah, I threw away a lot raising with a potential nut low in O8. The turn and river were both high cards, so it never showed.

I gotta remember to play Omaha as tightly as I do Texas.
khubli::2004.06.29.08:58 am::Re: city with character..
[User Picture]Omaha infuriates me.. I don't have much patience for that game......

By nature, it's more of a drawing game... I've drawn out and been drawn out on that game too many times. It's best played Pot or No-limit and High only. Still.. it's too volatile for me. I'd rather play Stud/8 or triple draw.
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