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+ : S.B. Woo e-mail scam

June 26th, 2004

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2004.0626.0022::Dear S.B. Woo:
Today, you sent me the following "news" under the subject "Lots of GREAT News":
3) 1.1 million e-mail addresses on 80-20's list. It is a factor of 3 increase over the 300,000 email addresses in the 2000 election.
Wow. That's pretty impressive.

Or it would be if you didn't obtain your mailing list addresses using known spammer tactics. Since I've received e-mail from you going to <myusername> at both my yahoo and hotmail accounts, plus to addresses which I last used in 1993 for posting to Usenet, I figure that threefold increase in addresses on your list are a result of either the unethical spammer practice of culling addresses from archives or the purchase of an unscrupulously-obtained list.

Either way, it means I'll nary give the 80-20 Initiative a single penny until you rebuild your address list so that it comprises only the addresses of people who actually would care to be on it.

In the meantime, I suggest you give a swift kick in the nads to your unresponsive system administrator.

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-anon-::2004.10.05.05:18 pm::S.B. Woo e-mail scam
I too have been spammed by Mr. Woo. You are right that he buys e-mail lists. On his website for his sham group "the 80-20 Initiative," Woo lies and says he has an e-mail list of 1.1 million supporters.

If you look at the financial disclosures this group must make to the Federal Election Commission because it is a political action committee and not an advocacy group, it shows that they spend money to buy e-mail lists of asian names. See for yourself. Go to and type in "80-20 PAC" under the "Who's Giving Tab"

The othr thing these disclosures show is that Woo is pocketing most of the moeny people give his group. The disclosure reports show that about 50% of the group's money is spent on "payroll" through teh Paychex payroll company. What do youw ant to bet that some of that goes into Woo's pocket?

M. Wong
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