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June 18th, 2004

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2004.0618.1044::Surfboard desktop corner accessory?
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Since my client has moved me from the office that I was working in, I've moved to a desk where I'm working in the corner of a desk that wasn't meant to have someone work in it's corner (there's not really enough space to fit anywhere else). Today, my elbows are killing me, from resting non-ergonomically, directly on a hard table surface.

Back when I was at my old job, they had these "Surfboards," large, black, somewhat-kidney-shaped metal boards with a large rubber-ended lip which you could fit into the 90-degree corner of a desk and effectively have a good keyboard and mousing space. I talked to the Coffee Achiever (who still works somewhere organizationally similar to the old job), and someone at her workplace said they got theirs at Staples. Having scoured the site for "Surfboard," "Above-desk drawers," "Under-desk drawers," and "Desk Accessories." Does anyone have a lead on this item?

ETA: Found it. Unfortunately, it's $170.

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ludditerobot::2004.06.18.08:32 am
[User Picture]Pass it by your boss, noting that one session with a physical therapist for repetative stress disorder costs more than $170. In most places I've worked, bosses should be able to sign off for costs less than $300 without sending paperwork upstairs for approval.

For me, I have to say that I stopped using ergonomic stuff at work about 3 months ago, and my back has never felt better.
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