"Even people who don't actually cook can enjoy the show." - that yellow bastard

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June 3rd, 2004

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2004.0603.1154::"Even people who don't actually cook can enjoy the show."
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Despite having a free subscription from Salon.com, I haven't received this month's (or last month's, for that matter) issue of Wired Magazine, which Cap'n Ken kindly pointed out has an interview with Good Eats host Alton Brown.

Go, read. Set your TiVos, TiFauxs, and VCRs. Watch Good Eats.

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ludditerobot::2004.06.03.09:10 am
[User Picture]The great cool wonderful thing about that show is that it isn't a cooking show like your normal cooking show, which presents a recipe and shows you step-by-step how it goes. It talks about food, shows you how to deal with things, and lets you work at being creative with it.

I have a book on my desk called The Perl Cookbook, which presents code pieces and shows you how to handle specific things, so you can build them into whatever creative piece you want. The show, and the one book of his I have I'm Just Here For The Food, and that's the same thing. Big ups to Alton.
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