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June 6th, 2001

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2001.0606.0000::Transcribed from old journal

After reading through the 1998 entries of this aborted web-journal, I occurs to me that I was a pretty weepy bastard after Lee broke up with me. I suppose it's rather understandable, getting your heart broken by someone who you had a lot invested in, but man, what a bloody whiner...

People invest entirely too much of their lives in finding the one. It's been refreshing for the past few months, not constantly looking for a "soulmate" (whatever that means). Don't get me wrong; I'd still love to find someone with which to share what little of a life I have, but thankfully, it's no longer my primary reason for being.

Speaking of soulmates, I'm worried about Romie. I've got to fight the antithetical urges to call her and to leave her alone. Louis told me that she needs someone to listen to her. I've called twice and left messages. I'm not sure just how much she wants to hear from her ex-boyfriend.

From the pictures that Jay has up of Romie and Emma, it seems that she's doing well. Last I heard, her family went to California to help her. I wish she would call me, though.

Emma looks very much like her mother, but with her father's eyes.

It's been far too long since I climbed.

Jerry was up this past weekend and we went to Apres Diem on Friday. H said something which made me pause for a moment--something to the effect of "you're not allowed to do that unless you're sleeping with me (like you should be)." I wasn't exactly sure I heard the last part, so a couple of days later I asked Jerry if he heard it. He doesn't remember it.

Now I've always had the most fucked-up sense of people being attracted to me and flirtation (the whole K situation is pretty illustrative of that), hence my reluctance to act on what [I think] she said. Of course, H is effulgent, scandalous and scores of other adjectives, so I would be a fool not to follow up on this (she's also 20, though...).

Going to Mani's wedding was a treat of sorts. Even though I didn't know these people really well while at UF, it was rather a treat seeing them again and catching up.

On a related note, my 10-year class reunion is at the end of this month. I waffled for a while on going, but I finally decided to do it, after learning that some key people were going. You see, the problem is that I graduated high school with about 1000 other people--our commencement took place in the Miami Arena, of all places. I've never really been all that much of a social butterfly, so hanging out with about 100 people who I hardly spoke to in high school is not exactly my idea of a great time.

Indeed, I'm sure my nostalgia is compelling me to find out if the luminous women that I had unspeakable crushes on in high school are still as spectacular as my memories of them.

Ask me in a month if it was fun reminiscing on what a glorious high school experience I had.

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