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June 17th, 2001

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2001.0617.0000::Transcribed from old journal
Damn, I'm tired today.

And the funny thing is I suspect I got a sufficient amount of sleep last night. Hit the sack at about 12:30/1:00am and woke up at 8:30 or so. Rode the cycle for about 25 minutes (don't laugh, I'm pretty much a cardio wuss).

But I've been nodding off at the keyboard for practically the whole day. Maybe I have narcolepsy...

I asked H to dinner last night.

The cool thing is that she said yes to it, but of course, in my infinite dating experience, I just stood there tongue-tied afterwards. I finally got the wherewithal to ask if she wanted my number so we could arrange it.

Now, I suspect that she'll likely give me a call in about 2 days (industry-standard). But who knows. She may pull a Trent/Sue and make it five days.

Plus I need to figure out exactly where I'll be taking her. I've thought about Spice or BluePointe, but they may be too bourgeois for a baggy-jeans-and-beater-clad sexy young thing who works in Midtown. Genki? Too Buckhead. Highland Tap? What if she doesn't eat steak? >sigh< ...

You know what? Dating sucks--too much stress.

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