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May 19th, 2004

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2004.0519.1102::In pain...
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My neck is killing me.

I woke up this morning all twisted, sleeping on my stomach, my left arm around a pillow, my right under a stack of two thin pillows under my head. I could feed a dull ache from the right side of my neck. I'm not sure if I slept on my neck wrong, or if some in-dream tension hit me.

I dreamt this morning of playing poker, some Omaha variant, where I had wired Kings, a Queen and a rag. Trip Aces and a pair of Kings show up on the board (which in that strange dream-logic which only makes sense at the time, also included an eight and perhaps a Queen), and for some reason, I move all-in. Someone else, of course, shows an Ace to snap off my quad Kings. I wouldn't be surprised if in that moment, that switch that turns off your muscle control while you sleep overloaded for me, and I wrenched my neck in dream-anger.

The dream is probably directly influenced in no small way by my playing of a Hoyle Casino Omaha Hi-Lo tournament, where not once, but twice, I had the nut boat snapped off by quads (from the same computer player, even).

I think I need to play some live poker soon.
Current Mood: [mood icon] sore

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vudiddy::2004.05.19.08:21 am
[User Picture]Poker tonight, my place!
thepeopleseason::2004.05.19.12:22 pm
[User Picture]Can't make it tonight, unfortunately :(
vudiddy::2004.05.19.12:28 pm
[User Picture]Well, I think it's gonna be an every-other-Wednesday thing from now on. Hopefully you can come by for one of the later ones.
khubli::2004.05.20.07:24 am
[User Picture]You know who can tell you where the games are around town? I got a call yesterday afternoon, Coach asked me to play in a freeroll that he had won a seat into. Chop the winnings 50/50. It was 17 seated. I, by all rights should have been knocked out in the 3rd round, with 275 left of 1500 starters, I moved in preflop on my small blind of 75 dollars on 9 7 off suit. I got 2 or callers. Flop comes 9 8 5. There's some side action. Turn shows a 6, woo hooo gut shot straight. I didn't care what showed up at this point, I had already made my stand, it was up to fate. River rags, 2 people turn over wired 10's and wired A's. Go 9 7 off. I know.. James... it's people like me that infuriate you, but dammit, I was back in the tourney. I fought my way up to the chip lead with 4 people left in the tourney.

It was 4 seated for the longest time. Bubble boy went out and I knocked out the 3rd place finisher with wired K's. K J to my right raised 2000 when the blinds were 250/500 with a 100 ante. I re-raised 2000. He thought about it and moved all in, I called. He was a little upset to see me kings.

final 2. I doubled up 2nd place guy, left me about 6 or 7 thousand in chips. Dammit. A few jousts, i worked up to 9000. We both went in on one hand only to have the same hand, K Q off. I was tired.. he was about a 5 to 3 chip leader so I made a deal with him. I took a little more than what 2nd place would pay out. I was happy with 650 to his 875. Woo hoo, not bad for a freeroll.

Anyhow.. there are 2/4 3/6 or 4/8 games you might want to play in.
thepeopleseason::2004.05.20.07:55 am
[User Picture]I know.. James... it's people like me that infuriate you, but dammit, I was back in the tourney.

Honestly, when you're down by that much, you made the right move. With the small blind at 75, you don't really have squat to play with after that rolls around, except for your big blind when it goes around.
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