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April 30th, 2004

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2004.0430.1445::Dear anyone who works with other people:
If your cell phone rings, and you're not going to answer it, hit the cancel/send-to-voicemail button.

If you want to answer it, but you want to conduct your conversation somewhere more discreet, answer the phone, "Hi, this is <your name>. Can you hold on for a moment?" And then walk somewhere more discreet and talk away.

Do not let your phone ring until it goes to voice mail. Do not let your phone ring loudly throughout a sea of cubicles until you've reached a location which you think is not disturbing to your office mates. If you do that, you've already disturbed your office mates.

Especially if you've got your phone set to that annoying default Nokia ringtone.

Thank you,
The Mgmt.

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murielle::2004.04.30.06:55 pm
[User Picture]And my obviously unbiased advise is: leave your (expletive deleted) cel phones at home.

Hate those things. Just hate those things.

khubli::2004.05.03.08:42 am::cell phones at work..
[User Picture]I used to sit across from 4 girls at work.. I would hear 3 different cell phone ring tones ring constantly through out the day.. aggravating....

give a hoot.. first thing I do at work every morning is make sure my cell phone is on 1 Beep only. no rings, no vibrate.. just 1 beep. seems to work well for me.
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