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April 30th, 2004

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2004.0430.1157::Dumn Idot
Overheard at the office:
"Are you talking about Cirque du Sol?" [sic]
"No, not that one..."
"Because it's not worth it...I mean there was some neat things, but $245.00..."

I'm suddenly reminded of the two rubes (and I'm being quite generous there...) who sat next to us when we saw Alegria a few weeks ago. The woman actually screamed, "You suck!" to the clown who was mocking our section.

Really, other than a suggestion to buy cheaper tickets, I'm speechless.

A very happy birthday to the Coffee Achiever. Since you're already torn about where to go for her birthday dinner (based primarily on the dessert options), make sure you follow this link after your celebration...

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-anon-::2004.04.30.10:50 am
That Midnight Cake sounds. SO. GOOD.

Thanks much for the birthday wishes!
thepeopleseason::2004.04.30.10:53 am
[User Picture]I told you to wait... :p

Well, Apres Diem doesn't always stock the Midnight Cake, so if you're looking for a guaranteed dessert, you should hit Agave or Six Feet.
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