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December 19th, 2002

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2002.1219.1054::Musings...part 2.
Four years ago, the House of Representatives impeached President Clinton.

Thirty years ago, the final Apollo mission splashed down in the Pacific.

159 years ago, "A Christmas Carol," by Charles Dickens was first published in England.

Hot chicks born on this day:
Alyssa Milano, currently starring in Charmed
Amy Locane, formerly of Melrose Place
Kristy Swanson, the original Buffy, the Vampire Slayer
Jennifer Beals, from Flashdance
Marla Sokoloff, from The Practice

Ok, the client just called and is requesting that the major changes we make to the product have a minor change in speed. Joy.
Current Mood: [mood icon] aggravated

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