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April 15th, 2004

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2004.0415.1008::It's an RSS freakout
[ ]
Taking a cue from Cap'n Ken, here's my list of favorite RSS/Atom syndication feeds. Some of these are very seldom updated, some too frequently, but I find them all useful or entertaining in some way...

alton_brown Alton Brown's (host of Good Eats) infrequently updated blog.
badnewshugh Patrick 'Bad News' Hughes, and his unique take on life. You might have seen some of his writing on Fark, Boingboing or Metafilter, when he wrote "Uncle Patrick's Advice to Children," with such gems as "Socks should match your pants, and your belt should match your shoes. After that, if anyone complains, tell 'em they should be happy you're wearing any clothes at all" and "The bouncer at Mons Venus always knows best. If he says you should stop, then you should stop."
bill_maher Bill Maher's blog.
boingboing_net usually crystallizes the best of the offbeat web with a geek spin--gadgets, intellectual property, cool links, and weird flash animations.
brokenfeed This is broken, a website which explores the idiocy of user interfaces, computer-based or not.
bronzearchives The Bronze VIP Archives: my now infrequently updated site which archives Cast and Crew posts to the Bronze: Beta posting board for Mutant Enemy shows (Buffy, Angel, Firefly, and sometimes Wonderfalls).
calnhobbes Calvin and Hobbes: 'nuff said.
cheapassgamerdf Cheap Ass Gamer: Game deals for PS/2, Xbox, Gamecube, etc.
coffeeachiever The (Caffeinated) Ramblings of a Coffee Achiever: a friend, and the wife of Cap'n Ken. Formerly known by another acronym in this blog...
dealnews20's latest 20 deals: usually computer hardware and software deals, but also some other coupons and deals come through.
digressed, the blog of an old college buddy, El Guapo.
found_mag's Find of the Week.
foxtrot_feed Bill Amend's Fox Trot
gizmodo Gadgets, gizmos and other cool electronic stuff.
homespun_wisdom Cap'n Ken's Homespun Wisdom: the blog of a friend and former co-worker.
inpassingorg Random overheard comments from around Berkeley.
lovecasinowar Love and Casino War: Poker blog
officialgaiman The blog of Neil Gaiman, author fantastique.
parryshen Parry Shen's blog, lead actor in Better Luck Tomorrow
pvrblog PVRBlog: a blog about TiVos, Replays, and other Digital Video Recording devices.
redmeat_rss The comic RedMeat
risks_digest comp.risks digest: a running log of computer-based issues in which society may put too much trust into computing.
sinfestfeed Sinfest: a funny, funny comic
upforpoker Up for poker: another poker blog.
whedonesque a blog of new items all about Joss Whedon's productions and Mutant Enemy shows.
wilwheaton Wil Wheaton's blog.

Now that LJ has done away with syndication quotas, anyone have any rec's for more feeds?

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ludditerobot::2004.04.15.08:16 am
[User Picture]I didn't know about those. I like Alton, and my wife appreciates him.

I like the BBC feeds (listed at and I roll many of my own: Dave Barry, Buffy's Schedule on FX, CNN Feeds covering a whole lot of topics, Roger Ebert, IraqNow, a blog from a guy who used to be stationed in Iraq, and of course, Megatokyo, my favorite web comic.
bpeace::2004.04.15.09:29 am
[User Picture]New Feeds! You rock. Here are some of mine.

Penny Arcade

Paranoia XP RPG Development Blog

Dork Tidings: Muskrat Ramblings for Now People (The creator of Dork Tower)

Dork Tower

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