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+ : Rock it

April 5th, 2004

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2004.0405.1400::Crank lives
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After Capn Ken's glowing endorsement of Party Out of Bounds, Rodger Brown's book on the alternative music scene in Athens, I went searching around for nostalgia on Gaineville's 90s punk scene. Having been in a band in high school with Brian Bowers of Bombshell, I'd always been on the periphery of the scene when it was growing the likes of Less than Jake and Hot Water Music. The best chronicle of these halcyon days is Amped: Notes from a Go-Nowhere Punk Band, by Jon Resh, former guitarist and "singer" for the band Spoke.

So while I'm trolling Google for mentions of Jon and his writing, I suddenly spot a link to the blog of Patrick Hughes, formerly known as Crank in the Independent Florida Alligator's Thursday entertainment rag, and author of such poetic gems as:
Eye on a stick!
Eye on a stick!
I'm gonna stab!
I'm gonna jab!
Stab! Jab!
Eye on a slab!
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Plants are often green
Now give me back my fucking Parliament tapes, dammit.
From what little I've read of his blog, he still has quite a way with words, and he's still a big fan of the imported Kung Fu movie.

Current Mood: [mood icon] nostalgic

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-anon-::2004.04.05.03:57 pm::Rock it
In what kind of punk band did you play the viola?
thepeopleseason::2004.04.05.04:18 pm::Re: Rock it
[User Picture]I didn't play the viola in the punk band (I sang and made attempts to play the guitar), except for maybe the opening ditty to the tape--for that, I played that stupid song that goes with Foghorn Leghorn in all the Warner Bros cartoons, because the name of the band was Sacrificial Poultry.

Incidentally, The Blacktop Cadence has a viola player, and they pretty much rule. Smartass.
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