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April 5th, 2004

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2004.0405.1206::Quickest Mayoral Election Ever
I took cash out on Saturday, and now I only have one-fifth of what I took out.

I spent most of the day and evening with an exquisitely cute young lady.

Coincidence or FATE?!

In other news, musesfool is calling for another Exquisite Corpse Found Poetry Thingy:
Remember a few months ago we tried that found poetry thing (it had another name I can't recall at the moment), where at a specified time, everybody posted one line of their favorite poem, and then our flists were filled with found poems?

Since, as people keep reminding me, April is National Poetry Month in the US, I thought we might try it again.

So everybody reading this, post about it in your own LJ and try to get everybody to participate.

What: Post one line of poetry and nothing else (no commentary, no attribution, nothing)

When: Monday, April 5th, 4pm EDT (adjust for your own time zone please)

And then what: Then, check your flist (and your ff-list if you like), gather all the lines and post them as a really random poem.

Trust me, it's cool.

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