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March 12th, 2004

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2004.0312.1202::The more things change
[ ]
I moved to S2 last night, spending about three to four hours working on the LJ layout and the friends page look.

And everything looks pretty much the same now.

musesfool, if you still want to modify your list of links so that your friends page is labelled "Reading List" or something, let me know and I'll jot down some instructions.

chinook_wind, I haven't forgotten about that interview that you sent me--I've been swamped with things at work lately, and I want to give well-thought answers. It's comin'...

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musesfool::2004.03.12.09:38 am
[User Picture]Yes, please. Directions would be loverly, as I am hopeless when it comes to figuring out what LJ calls "code".
thepeopleseason::2004.03.12.09:41 am
[User Picture]Let me know exactly would you like all of the links to say, and I'll throw the code together for you to just cut and paste...
musesfool::2004.03.12.12:09 pm
[User Picture]You are a true gentleman. *g*

I'd like "archive" to be "my back pages," "friends" to be "required reading" and "user info" to be "all about me."

thepeopleseason::2004.03.12.12:11 pm
[User Picture]two more:

Did you want "Recent Entries" to be lowercase like the others, and did you want the F2 link on the same line as the "required reading"?
musesfool::2004.03.12.12:15 pm
[User Picture]yeah, all lower case is good, and f2 can go on the line below 'required reading' if that's possible. Otherwise, I'll just leave it where it is.
thepeopleseason::2004.03.12.12:47 pm
[User Picture]Ok, here you go:
  1. Go here: and Go to the bottom of the page. Choose "Theme" as the "Type" under "Create Layout-specific layer" and select "Punquin Elegant" as the Layout. Hit the "Create" button, and you should a new item load in the list of "Your Layers."
  2. Click on the "Edit..." button next to the new Layer listing, and you should be presented with a screen with a big text-entry field. Delete everything out of it, and copy and paste the contents of this file into the field. Click on the "Compile" button.
  3. If that worked, then your layer should now be called "musesfool" and you can go to this page: and select "musesfool" under the "Themes" dropdown (all the way at the bottom). Hit the "Change" button, and your new page should spring, fully-formed into your browser after a reload (I don't know if it'll be wearing an Aegis or not...).
That should be it. Let me know if you have any trouble.
musesfool::2004.03.12.01:25 pm
[User Picture]You are so the man!

Do you want fic in return?
thepeopleseason::2004.03.12.01:52 pm
[User Picture]If you'd like to write something, then write some X/W.

Otherwise, one is just glad to be of service...
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