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March 11th, 2004

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2004.0311.1536::Missing the Point
[ ]
According to Yahoo News, the new computer-rendered sitcom Game Over did exceedingly poorly last night, garnering a 0.6 rating amongst adults 18 to 49.

Duh. What did you think would happen if you cast Lucy Liu in a series and never showed her... ??

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taraljc::2004.03.11.01:28 pm
[User Picture]and that was airing opposite a rerun of Smallville, wasn't it?

Maybe UPN will put Jake 2.0 back after all, if Game Over tanks spectacularly.
thepeopleseason::2004.03.11.01:43 pm
[User Picture]Maybe UPN will put Jake 2.0 back after all, if Game Over tanks spectacularly.

We can hope. Where else am I going to get my geek love fix??
taraljc::2004.03.11.02:38 pm
[User Picture]well, once all the eps have aired, I plan to write like a freak... But yeah, fanfic? No substitute for the real thing :(

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