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+ tiiguy: dirigibles and zeppelins

March 1st, 2004

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2004.0301.1700::You might be better off with a Chop-stick
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From a cursory perusal of blogs and webforums on the subject, it has come to my attention that Quizno's Subs' use of the Spongmonkeys in their advertisements has some people so squicked or creeped out, that they vehemently vow never to step in another Quizno's location ever again.

To that I say, YOU ARE DUMB.

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tiiguy::2004.03.09.08:13 am::dirigibles and zeppelins
[User Picture]If you have seen the ad though and do not know what the spongmonkeys are and why they are funny then the ad is pretty gross. To squashed little rodents with fucked up teeth bouncing all over the food at Quizno's. When I first saw that ad I had no idea where the hell those little guys came from, and my initial reaction was that it was probably the worst advertisement possible for an eatery, now when I see it I laugh, scream " we love the MOOOOOON," and then I make a comment about how thats the worst advertisement for an eatery possible.
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